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Wax Prints – A fundamental piece of African Society

Africa is famous for several things its natural sources, human sources, beautiful weather and much more. One of these brilliant many Africa is famous for is its wax prints.

You may already know we are those who love design and color and our wax prints aren’t overlooked.

Postcard: Ankara vendors at Balogun Market, Lagos - Geotraveler's Niche -  Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Wax prints can be found in many vibrant colors and so are worn by having an everyday basis and also on special occasions. It’s exciting simply to walk lower the fabric bazar with beautiful colors hanging inside the stalls. You’re going to get stuck searching for hrs trying to determine which anyone to pick. Wax prints might be outfitted up or outfitted lower according to just what the individual prefers.

Women normally placed on it by 50 % pieces a blouse referred to as a “kaba” plus a extended skirt referred to as a “slit”. Formerly women may have yet another little bit of cloth about 1.5 to 2 yards cost of fabric referred to as “akatasuo” or “a covering” to pay for their waist or draped over their shoulder. Traditional attire is progressively fading out as modern women choose to use tighter and smaller sized sized blouses that do not require akatasuo. It’s also partly due to altering occasions and youthful people attempting to use clothes more in Western Style.

Men placed on their wax print just like a wrap using 8-12 yards of fabric for a way big and tall they are. This can be seen a good deal among older men for special occasions. The greater youthful men placed on shirts produced using wax prints.

Ankara Fabric: All You Need to Know – Svelte Magazine


Prints with white-colored-colored backgrounds and black/dark blue patterns are often worn on special occasions or celebrations for instance marriage occasions and naming occasions. Types of worn for the funerals of folks that resided a extended and full existence or any other family people . in the funeral where generally your family visits a thanksgiving service or each time a party happens to round in the funeral celebration.

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