Monday, August 2

The Best Shoes for a Hiking Trip

We know firsthand that having great shoes will make travelling much more fun. When we visit a city, we quickly walk 5-10 miles per day – even a few hours at a museum can be taxing on our feet.

So taking good care of your feet on a hiking trip is mandatory.

When analysing your shoes, keep the following points in mind:
  • Comfort Always Takes Priority Over Fashion:

It doesn’t matter how cute your shoes are if they’re uncomfortable. Your day can be entirely ruined by a single severe blister or by hurting your foot.

  • Quality Socks:

We’ve discovered that quality socks are just as crucial as quality shoes.

Blisters will be avoided, the odour will be reduced, and your feet will be more comfortable during the trip.

Support and Insoles: Because every foot is different, we’ve discovered that a good set of insoles can make shoes, flats, and boots a lot more comfortable.

  • Match Your Shoes To Your Destination:

When going to wet, snowy, or non-city destinations, matching your shoes to your destination is critical.

For instance, flats aren’t suited for hiking in Iceland, and heavy-duty mountaineering boots are perhaps excessive for walking the streets of Paris.

  • Break-in your shoes:

Many individuals overlook this crucial step because even the most comfortable shoes can produce blisters after only a few wears. We recommend that you wear your shoes for a few weeks before your vacation.

  • Versatile shoes:

Depending on your travel style, you may wish to bring fewer shoes. We rarely travel with more than two pairs of shoes, so make sure they work in various situations.

You can check out the  best brand for hiking shoes, if you are already searching.


If you plan on doing a lot of backpacking, it goes without saying that you’ll need a solid pair of travel shoes.

Many folks, believe it or not, overlook this section of their packing list and bring whatever is available. As a result, people neglect their bodies and begin to experience joint pain and achy arches.

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