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Do You Have A Move Coming Up But Not Much Time?

Moving is not an easy task; on the contrary, it usually involves many lessons to plan so that the process is not so complicated. In addition, from looking for a new house, schools for the kids are sorting and packing all the household items safely, and practice is one of the most time-consuming things. To solve this, one of the best options is to hire a moving company that includes packing services

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with moving, one of the most critical aspects of the whole process and is often underestimated is packing. Having an efficient packing service can significantly reduce the stress of moving. Many companies with professional moving crews can provide you with a great packing option, eliminating any worries you may have about your upcoming move.

Packing the boxes is a time-consuming job, but the packing services experts are very accustomed to it and carry it out at a good pace, always being careful not to leave anything unprotected, thus avoiding damage.

Packing services are one of the most sought-after services in moving companies, as they save our clients’ time, as well as increasing the control and security of their belongings. Packing services are carried out by specialized and trustworthy personnel. The company will make an inventory of each box indicating its contents and the room of destination.

Small boxes will accommodate the most fragile materials since, due to the weight and fragility of the objects, they could be damaged if they are piled up in larger boxes. Medium-sized boxes are used for delicate items such as pots and pans, bulky kitchen utensils, small appliances such as coffee-makers or toasters, decorative objects, shoes, bags, etc. Larger boxes are intended for storing light clothes. For delicate garments, such as long dresses, we use closet boxes with hangers.

Packing times vary according to the items to be packed. For example, loading books and toys by their nature take less time than packing fragile items such as cups, glasses, plates, ceramics, etc.

If you prefer to pack everything yourself, many companies provide packing supplies, including special boxes, packing tape, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap, tape, and other high-quality boxes, along with a guide with tips on how to pack things properly. Hence, you get the job done right.

Some moving services also offer disassembly, assembly, installation of all types of household or decorative furniture (ceilings and murals), any appliances (including ovens or glass-ceramic hobs), and fixing furniture to walls.

This professional has all kinds of tools for fixing furniture to conventional or plasterboard walls. In the latter case, you should inform us of this to provide us with specific hardware, such as reinforcing angles or brackets, that may be needed for your move.

To provide an accurate estimate, it is advisable to schedule a technical visit to your home. There is also the possibility of contracting a packing service with cash on delivery. Unfortunately, most packing services do not have a minimum or a maximum number of boxes to be packed.

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