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Best 5 Customised Surprising Gifts for Birthdays

Make your near and dear ones’ birthday a special day with surprising gifts!

Whether it is your friend’s birthday or any family member’s birthday, you should not miss this bright opportunity to strengthen your relations. You should surprise them with a unique gift that they haven’t received before from anyone else. 

If you’re thinking of the best birthday gift that is out-of-the box for the recipient, then you should go through this post without any further delays. 

Here, we have listed the best 5 customised gifts for birthdays of your closed ones. 

  1. Car Keychain

The Etchcraft Emporium custom-made car keychain will reveal your artistic personality to the recipient- thanks to its outstanding design. It is a well-designed keychain that is fashioned like a car. The best reason why we have added this gift item to this list is because it is more than just a keychain. It is an exclusive keychain that can be fully customised for a unique touch. Yes, you can add your car’s logo and any text on the car-shaped keychain. You just have to let the designer know about your customization preferences and you’ll get the best product delivered at your doorstep. 

  • Name Bracelet

We are infatuated with this name bracelet by Etchcraft Emporium. Its open cuff design, polished surface, and wonderful style got our eyes in a second. Whosoever receives this alluring bracelet as a birthday gift would be mesmerized with your choice. It can be donned occasionally and daily. What’s more, this name bracelet is made for both men and women. So, you won’t have to worry whether to get it for ladies or gents; it’s ideal for both genders. Not to mention, this bracelet is pretty in its own way, but you can make it more special by adding the recipient’s name or any lovely message engraved on it. 

  • Watch

A watch is not just a device to see time but a piece of fashion accessory that has got preference from both men and women. Leave the recipient in “Aww” by presenting a personalised watch on this birthday. At the moment when he or she notice their name, date of birth, or even photograph on the dial, we’re sure they will love you more. Your little efforts can make their birthday special than ever.  

  • Table Lamp

Gift an admirable table lamp to your family or friend on birthday this year that is made to order with their beautiful pictures. At the point when they will switch on the personalised table lamp, their photographs will become visible. This is a perfect gift to make someone feel very special on their big day.

  • Kada for Men

Finding the best gift for men is a complicated task. This is why we have shortlisted this kada for men by Etchcraft Emporium for all of your male friends and family members. This is an elegant kada that comes in silver finish. It promises a nice and comfortable fit due to open-cuff style. Furthermore, you can modify it according to your first choice. This kada for men will look even more beautiful if you get the name of your birthday girl or boy’s name engraved on it. 


While looking for the most surprising gifts online to make this listicle, we have come across thousands of options. However, we have shortlisted these 5 gift options owing to their quality, affordability, easy availability, and positive reviews. 

Hopefully, you liked all these birthday gift suggestions. In case of any queries or recommendations, post your comments below. 

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