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Are You Looking For The Best Places For Living in Alaska?

Alaska, which is also nicknamed by people “The Last Frontier,” has got several cities quite popular with all the residents and also with tourists who will enjoy the few amazing venues available in this state.

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Most Chosen Places for Relocatiion In Alaska

The following are a few best places in Alaska where you may prefer to live if you are planning to move to this state.

  • Anchorage

Anchorage is the most populated city in Alaska. Anchorage is also considered as the starting location where the famous dog race takes place and is known as Iditarod Trail Sled.

  • Fairbanks

Quality of life and various amenities at Fairbanks include:

  • Symphony orchestra
  • University of Alaska (the oldest university of state) 
  • Botanical garden

Besides, there are several parks and also multiple sports activities during winter.

  • Juneau

The economy of this city Juneau is mainly dependent upon various government jobs and also tourism and fishing. Healthcare needs are basically met by the Bartlett Regional Hospital.

  • Ketchikan 

Attractions of Ketchikan include the following:

  • Misty Fjords National Monument
  • Tongass National Forest

Also, college students can study at the University of Alaska in the Southeast-Ketchikan.

  • Kodiak

One of the key industries is commercial fishing and besides that hunting of the following also offers contribution to the Kodiak’s economy

  • Bear
  • Elk
  • Black-tail deer.
  • Badger

It is located exactly in the center of Alaska and has got a population of nearly 20,000. The average household income of people is $85,000. You can buy a home here at the price of $200,000 and good schools are available.

  • Sitka

More people are employed in various seafood industries only. A few amenities in Sitka are the University of Alaska and 2 hospitals.

  • Seward

There is an approximate population of 2,700, and has the following:

  • A lucrative port of seafood
  • Tourism industry
  • The US Coast Guard installation
  • A scenic Obihiro Park.
  • College

It is a city with 13,000 residents and the average price of the home is $230,000

  • Petersburg

There are 3,000 residents, which was incorporated in 2013 as a borough and features only commercial fishing as the dominant economic driver.

Now that you know about the best places to live in Alaska, make the right choice before the relocation. 

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